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Who we are?

Elevate your events with the vibrant energy and fresh perspectives of our all-women team at PYM Embracing youth, passion, and innovation, our dynamic group of young women is at the forefront of crafting unforgettable experiences. With a collective commitment to creativity and precision, we bring a unique flair to every occasion. From weddings to corporate gatherings, our team's enthusiasm and expertise shine, ensuring your event is not only flawlessly executed but also infused with a modern touch that sets it apart.



CEO, Chief Decore Stylist

Meet the heart and soul of our event planning company – a remarkable woman who embodies ambition and love in equal measure. As the visionary leader, she navigates challenges with grace, steering our team toward excellence. Her ambition fuels innovation, while her warmth creates a workplace that feels like family. With a lovable spirit and unwavering determination, she transforms visions into reality, leaving an indelible mark on every event we undertake. Under her leadership, our company thrives as a testament to passion, ambition, and a touch of love.


COM, Chief Operation Manager

Meet Pritha the multitasking maestro overseeing both social media management and on-site event execution. Ambitious,  and exuding a contagious joy, pritha effortlessly juggles the digital landscape and the real-world intricacies of event planning. Her ambitious spirit fuels creative social media campaigns, while her on-site presence ensures every detail falls seamlessly into place. Her's infectious enthusiasm is as essential to our events as her strategic approach to social media, making her an invaluable asset to our dynamic team.

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CEC, Chief Entertainer Curator

Meet Shnaya the dynamic woman behind the scenes at PYM As a seasoned manager of artists and entertainment, Sarah brings ambition, charm, and a social flair to the table. Her cute demeanor belies a powerhouse of organizational skills, ensuring our events are not only seamless but also infused with a vibrant energy that captivates audiences. Sarah's passion for creating unforgettable experiences is matched only by her knack for connecting with people, making her an indispensable force in the world of event management.


CHC, Chief Happiness Curator

Meet bhoomi —an ambitious, calm, and endlessly creative force. With a passion for crafting stunning event designs, she combines ambition with a tranquil demeanour to bring forth unparalleled creativity. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a calm determination, she turns dreams into visually stunning realities, setting the stage for events that leave a lasting impression.

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About Us

We are a visionary women-led event planning company specializing in crafting unforgettable weddings. With a keen eye for detail, they excel in curating small, impactful corners that elevate the overall experience. From intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations, Elegant Occasions brings creativity and precision to every aspect, ensuring each wedding is a uniquely tailored masterpiece. Their commitment to excellence and personal touch makes them the go-to choice for couples seeking a seamlessly executed and beautifully designed celebration.

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